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We're here to make it easier for people all around the world to realize their dreams by providing them with exciting new places to explore and things to do. As a result, we are creating a brighter future for our customers, employees, and communities.

Our Mission

Our organisation is dedicated to achieving its mission by creating a collaborative, positive, and productive workplace. The only people who can truly evaluate our performance are our customers. Providing exceptional service to our clients is central to our values, and we do so by blending the independence of a startup with the responsiveness of a growing business.

Our Vision

Our long-term goal is to become the real estate industry’s go-to service provider and the preferred place to work for area experts. We believe that the key to a successful business relationship is a relationship built on open communication and trust between the company and its clientele. Our commitment to these guiding principles, which have been so beneficial to our business and our clients over the years, will not waver as we expand.

Our Values

In our business, open lines of communication, dedication, and concern for customers are paramount. We are able to meet all of our clients’ property investment demands because we take the time to hear them out and fully grasp their objectives. We are proud to be the industry’s premier property management firm, and we take pride in consistently delivering superior outcomes for our domestic and international clientele.

Our Resources

The dedicated team at DSR HOUSING AND INFRA PVT LTD, OR has made a number of resources available to Luxury Villas, Gated community & Independent Houses, RERA, DTCP, HMDA Approved Layouts, Plots and Farmlands .  For this reason, DSR HOUSING AND INFRA PVT LTD are able to provide unbiased property investment guidance to individuals in need within our community. As a result, we’ve compiled some useful resources about Luxury Villas, Gated community & Independent Houses, RERA, DTCP, HMDA Approved Layouts, Plots and Farmlands  that you may use without spending a time. Find out where to look for great available Investment Properties and more.

Latest News

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Client Testimonials

Working with DSR HOUSING AND INFRA PVT LTD. has been a great experience. Despite the fact that we are now located in a different country, DSR HOUSING AND INFRA was there to help us every step of the way through the investment and registration processes.
by Anil Kumar
Sales Lead, TCS
All the developments have been completed as promised by DSR HOUSING AND INFRA PVT LTD, and I am completely content with my two East-facing ( Villa Plot -1 & Independent house plot-1) DSR HOUSING AND INFRA STATUS SYMBOL at SHADNAGAR.
by Swathi D
Marketing Head, TCS
Since we left India many years ago, we've been looking to buy land there for construction. DSR HOUSING AND INFRA PVT LTD provided us with the ideal opportunity. We've invested in two separate parcels of land with the expectation that their value will rise over time.
by Geetha Jain
Team Lead of IT Department, Microsoft
Our names are Anand and Anusha, and we're here in SHADNAGAR because we heard that DSR HOUSING AND INFRA PVT LTD has excellent roads, a nearby forest, and easy access to a major thoroughfare. And we bought a 2 east facing corner villa plots  in Shadnagar, and that makes us extremely pleased.
by Anusha
Software Engineer, Deloitte

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